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E&M Store is the go-to online store for all your favorite clothing brands. We wanted to bring together all the big names in ready-to-wear in a single online store that guarantees speed and quality.

In just a few days, you will receive all your purchases at home. No need to go through long shopping streets or the individual sites of major brands. Shoes, jeans, tops, jackets and more are just a few clicks away.

Thanks to partner warehouses across Europe, we are able to deliver quickly and be very responsive to our customers' requests. We seek to establish a relationship of trust with our customers. This is why you keep control over your personal data as well as your orders and any returns.


The E&M Store concept was born to follow the surge in the number of brands and products offered in ready-to-wear.

Indeed, with the increase in the number of products and the number of sites to buy them, it becomes more and more complicated to centralize the orders and to offer a fast and efficient service to everyone.

Thanks to a multitude of partners and a well-established supply chain, you will always be sure to save your precious time.


Our team provides hard work to be able to best anticipate the needs of our customers. We always make sure to offer the latest clothing trends to best satisfy our customers.

But the satisfaction doesn't come only in the choice, it is in the whole experience of your shopping. This is why from the choice of your items to after-sales service, all our agents make it a point of honor to accompany you as best as possible.

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